The Team

Kyle Anderson
ESP – Marksman   /  Glock 17
SSP – Novice   /   Springfield Armory Range Officer Champion 9mm
CCP – Novice   /   Sig Sauer P229R Legion

Former Army Scout (19D)
NRA Life member
I have been involved with firearms my entire life. Growing up on a farm it was part of what we did. The military provided some very practical, intense training that has helped me along the way. It wasn’t until after the Army a love of competitive shooting emerged. My goal in shooting IDPA is to sharpen my skills as a markman and gain valuable training and trigger time. As much as I love the game aspect, I shoot it for the training.


Lee Brothers
ESP – Sharpshooter   /   Smith & Wesson MP 9mm
SSP – Sharpshooter   /   Glock 19
CCP – Marksman   /   Sig Sauer P229R Legion

NRA Pistol Instructor
Winchester Marksman
CCDW Instructor
NRA Member


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