2016 Classifier -Finally

Posted: June 25, 2016 in Stronghold News

We managed to shoot at BGSL again last Saturday. It happened to be their yearly Classifier as a Level 1 match weekend. That totally took the stress of calling around and finding one out of the equation.  Lee and I geared up, grabbed some Cokes and sausage biscuits, and headed over. The weather was scorching hot, low 90’s, but full sun.  Those pits heat up quick, as do our hands, turning them into slip’n’slides. Our bricks of choice were the Sig 229 Legions. The Glock almost got a showing, but the new Blackpoint holsters we are running with the Sigs are just too smooth.

My classifier went better than expected. The one and only I ever shot was in 2012.  I went deep into Marksman, but came just short or Sharpshooter in ESP. This weekend proved that even when you can’t get to the range, regular dry firing will keep you sharp. My relationship with dry practice began last winter. I’ve put just shy of 1500 clicks at my hanging IDPA target in the garage. But that translates to 1500 DA trigger pulls, almost as many draws, and hopefully one or two good sight pictures in there somewhere.  Running in CCP, I managed a 124.21, even with way too many dropped points. 73, to be exact.  Lotta shots in the -1, a few -3.  Dropped two completely on stage 3 for a total of 88/90 on paper. No complaints, it’s consistent with my skill.  Not a breakout score in either direction. Just shy of expert on the second match I’ve ever shot a DA trigger, and only my second classifier. Smiles and celebratory Cokes all around! It did put me 5th overall, first in Div/Class and Div. 2nd in Class overall.  The printed numbers got that last one wrong, as it let a penalized shooter take a 90 sec. Stage time with 0 down for a reshoot.  It hurt all the statistics, but we have since sifted through that error.  Dry practice and a smooth Sig are the two biggest contributors to feeling confident out on the Stages. Looking forward to some more strong runs, maybe shoot for Expert at the end of the season… guys gotta have goals, right?


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