The new Sig Sauer P229R Legion

Posted: March 6, 2016 in Stronghold News

Wow. What a pistol. It is by far -and everyone is in total agreement- the smoothest all round packaged shooter we have ever handled. Sure, theres some allure to the custom 1911. But to tell you how good this baby is, two old stable fillers have walked off to make room for two Legions. From the front sight that remains the perfect size in every lighting condition, to the hyper-short “SRT” with polished action. This baby shoots. We put several hundred rounds through it Friday. Everything from full power Hornady Critical Duty to the dirtiest Federal Bulk from Wally World. It cycled flawlessly. Thanks to the weight, there is little discernable difference in soft and full power loads. They all work. Soooo…. perhaps that new Range Officer will have to wait a minute before it gets some IDPA face time. This Sig will fit perfectly in the CCP class. Perhaps ill do a proper write up on this beauty post BGSL classifier…..


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